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About    Us

WJ Consulting, LLC is a full-service consulting, leadership training and development firm that seeks to provide practical strategies and solutions to industry leaders, organizations and K-12 educational systems.

Our team has over 30+ years of proven experience in training and creating DEI frameworks for organizations and businesses, developing school and business leadership programming, training teachers and school leaders on the impact of data and best practices, as well as developing equitable strategies to increase employee engagement/retention in businesses, schools, and other organizations throughout the country.


At WJ Consulting, LLC, we value the partnership we establish with our clients and work to help them reach their goals.

Our Mission and Core Values

At WJ Consulting we believe in “HQICD”.

No, it’s not our results from a personality inventory test.

It’s our acronym on what we consider to be most important, our Core Values:

Organizational Coaching


We believe honesty is the only policy, not just the best one.

WJ Consulting

Quality Delivery of Service Model

We believe in ensuring the highest standards and product craftsmanship must be maintained at all times for our clients.

Best Education Consultants


We believe having a high moral fiber is a priority as we represent a diverse clientele of business and organizational leadership customers.

Best Business Coaching

Commitment    to our Partners

We believe in creating a positive customer/client experience where our work is done when our clients are satisfied.

Leadership Coaching

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in delivering our services from various lived experiences and backgrounds into a shared culture where equal opportunity is available to all clients.

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