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Andrea Romero, M.Ed

Andrea Romero, M.Ed arrived in Charlotte through Teach for America. A native from Miami, FL, she taught elementary and middle school grades until founding The Romero Learning Institute, catering to the academic services of children and adults alike. Ms. Romero has experience with the founding and management of nonprofits and currently serves on the board for Sending Love Venezuela.


Ms. Romero obtained her Bachelor’s degree in International and Global Studies with a focus on National Security and Intelligence from The University of Central Florida. She earned her Master of Science in Education from Johns Hopkins University and coursework in Master’s of School Administration from UNC-Charlotte. She is currently pursuing a professional certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in software development and engineering.


Ms. Romero believes in education to improve lives. As a first generation immigrant, Ms. Romero has a personal connection to many of the struggles plaguing education today. With a data mentality, Ms. Romero has transformed the lives of many by providing the tools for success. Ms. Romero’s areas of expertise include:


  • Data collection, analysis and interpretation 

  • Instructional Designing for adult learning 

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace

  • Latinx engagement

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